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Town Star

AGI Business center is planned to be the first of its kind not just in El-Obour city, but in the surrounding cities as well, giving its clients a huge leadership edge. The project is designed to be the first premium mall to include shopping units, a comprehensive medical center and a business hub all in the same place. El-Obour mall is established over a vast area of 10,000m2, comprising five floors, and accommodating 140 units. Thanks to its gathering many diverse services at the same place, it is an ideal setting for an eclectic mix of customers. It brings together a stunning combination of (80) shops and services, (25) restaurants and cafes, a hypermarket, managerial and medical units of variable area to suit all of clients’ needs.

Furthermore, AGI offers its clients outstanding administrative facilities that provide them with a huge competitive edge against their competitors. These administrative facilities are affordable with reasonable prices and flexible payment methods.

  • Hypermarket
  • Commercial Units
  • Medical Center
  • Business Units
  • Facilities and Services

Town Star

  • Building ‐ Commercial Mall
  • Date ‐ 01-09-2018
  • Floors ‐ 3
  • Units Number ‐ 65
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The hypermarket which spreads over 3000 m2 is considered to be the most dynamic part of the mall as it is expected to attract (15,000) customers per day. The presence of the hypermarket make the mall a shopping destination for families and individuals, thus considerably increasing number of visitors to the mall.

Commercial Units

The commercial units, which spread throughout the ground and the first floor, include a portfolio of prestigious brands for women, men and kids wear, restaurants and cafes, gift shops, foot wear…etc., which make shopping a luxurious experience for each and every client. Apart from being a target to consumers, the collection of these stores also contributes to the pleasurable experience customers have in the mall. The two commercial floors are characterized by two private entrances which give clients an easy access to the units

Medical Center

Realizing that health services are one of the most vital services to any populated district and with being committed to providing a better health services to El-Obour City, AGI determined its Medical Center to be the first luxurious integral one to serve the whole city.

Business Units

the mall has (56) of managerial units which spread over 2,220 m2 and are distributed over 2 floors, expanding the spectrum of services represented in the mall. AGI has a pure administrative license of 4,440 m2 of administrative spaces. The units’ spaces start from 50 m2 up to 2000 m2 with office spaces located in the second and third floors. Each floor has an efficient design that provides a variety of layouts and optimal space utilization.

Luxury Facilities

the mall offers its clients a package of essential services to their businesses including: telephones, backup generator with automatic transfer system (ATS), backup water supply, public toilets, 2 Mitsubishi electric elevators, chilled water A/C system, and master antenna television and internet access. Besides, each standard office is provided with: • Restroom in each unit • Kitchen • Main electricity switch

Tight Services

Believing that the way towards success and establishing our position in the Egyptian market starts with being customer oriented, we do our best to get a deeper insight into the needs of our customers. At AGI, we never end our relationship with our clients at the point of purchasing. We provide full facilities and property management services to the center’s businesses. The services include housekeeping, regular maintenance for electromechanical equipment, 24/7 security services, firefighting, alarm system and fire exits.