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German Industrial Complex

German industrial complex Masri is the largest industrial complex in transit medium and small industries   As it is located on an area of ​​40,000 m² flat buildings totaling 60,000 m² and contains industrial units and commercial  And service sizes starting from 72 m² up to 3000 m² and project consists of six buildings, are:
Building A - B - C special industries medium and small: - (a total height of unity 23:00 on two floors and each building of 21 units consisting sizes starting from 336 m² up to 1848 m² and amounting to a total Mstahathm 32,372 M²o fit them all for plastic industries, and packaging and packaging, textiles, yarn, textile and pharmaceutical industries, medical, furniture manufacturing and assembly centers for Engineering industries (Kaltlevzionat and various electrical appliances).          
Building D special stores: - (a total height of the unit on Doreen 23:00) and the building is made up of units of sizes starting from 250 m² up to 3000 m² and is serving customer driven industrial complex, and manufacturers and producers of storage process for city transit and Mstahath total of 9418 m².          
Building E particularly small industries and IMC and nurseries Social Fund (consists of two floors) and this building is one of the main features contained in the project other than the small space units offered this building consists of two floors, ground up 20:00, the first high 16:00.* Ground floor with 40 units sizes starting from 105 m² up to 207 m² total area of ​​5701 m² and fit this building small-scale industries such as silver jewelry factories and gold shoes and leather products and complementary industries.
* The first round and is dedicated to the Industrial Modernization Center and nurseries Social Fund of the building and an area of ​​3235 m² and the primary purpose his business training on how their projects management, as well as to give the process of data-makers and workers to acquire advanced skills to improve the technical performance and professional for them to increase the industrial growth of the sector to achieve competitive required and there are nurseries targeting work practical experiences various stages until it reaches the end product is the best possible way this other than the presence of international trade point of the Ministry of Commerce.

- Building F and is building integrated services for industrial complex: - (consists of two floors)  * Ground floor with an area of ​​3787 m² and is dedicated to providing various services to clients industrial complex and the entire industrial area where contains (bank machines ATM - ATM- and post office, restaurant and cafeteria businessmen and the Office of service to them, pharmacy, supermarket and Bureau of Shipping and gallery equipped offices and office and sanitary ware exhibition and sale of building materials and paint and auto parts and electrical tools and the number of machines and replace.  * The first round with an area of ​​2550 m² and is dedicated Ksalat show the industrial park and industrial zone products                          Al entire facilitate artisans and entrepreneurs to show their products and displayed appropriately.   As the industry is constantly evolving so it is no longer follow the old system of the plants is in line with the rapid development of production processes in time Today became the factories are designed to fit with industrial and environmental conditions at the present time and the future, and this is taken into account when designing multi-storey industrial units in the Egyptian German industrial complex in terms of: -

  • The best use of the land area.
  • Lack of construction costs within the unit.
  • The possibility of using gravity handling process materials from the upper floors to lower floors.
  • Facilitate control procedures within the unit and time economy.
  • The economy in the industrial maintenance unit costs and a lack of ventilation for high unit costs of 23:00.
  • Increased flexibility in terms of movement and arrangement within the industrial unit.
  • Ease supervision and control of industrial processes and personnel inside the industrial unit.
  • The use of fire-resistant materials in the construction and construction process.

German Industrial Complex

  • Building ‐ Industrial Complex
  • Date ‐ 01-09-2013
  • Floors ‐ 3
  • Units Number ‐ 165